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Corrugated slip surfaces formed at ridge–transform intersections on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
JR Cann, DK Blackman, DK Smith, E McAllister, B Janssen, S Mello, ...
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Central role of detachment faults in accretion of slow-spreading oceanic lithosphere
J Escartín, DK Smith, J Cann, H Schouten, CH Langmuir, S Escrig
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Widespread active detachment faulting and core complex formation near 13 N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
DK Smith, JR Cann, J Escartín
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Discovery of a magma chamber and faults beneath a Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal field
SC Singh, WC Crawford, H Carton, T Seher, V Combier, M Cannat, ...
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J Escartin, G Hirth, B Evans
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Fault rotation and core complex formation: Significant processes in seafloor formation at slow‐spreading mid‐ocean ridges (Mid‐Atlantic Ridge, 13–15 N)
DK Smith, J Escartín, H Schouten, JR Cann
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 9 (3), 2008
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CJ MacLeod, J Escartin, D Banerji, GJ Banks, M Gleeson, DHB Irving, ...
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Dynamic control on serpentine crystallization in veins: Constraints on hydration processes in oceanic peridotites
M Andréani, C Mével, AM Boullier, J Escartin
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Mid-Atlantic Ridge–Azores hotspot interactions: along-axis migration of a hotspot-derived event of enhanced magmatism 10 to 4 Ma ago
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Nondilatant brittle deformation of serpentinites: Implications for Mohr‐Coulomb theory and the strength of faults
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Oceanic detachment faults focus very large volumes of black smoker fluids
AM McCaig, RA Cliff, J Escartin, AE Fallick, CJ MacLeod
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Serpentinization and associated hydrogen and methane fluxes at slow spreading ridges
M Cannat, F Fontaine, J Escartin
Diversity of hydrothermal systems on slow spreading ocean ridges 188, 241-264, 2010
Ultramafic exposures and the gravity signature of the lithosphere near the Fifteen-Twenty Fracture Zone (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 14–16.5 N)
J Escartín, M Cannat
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 171 (3), 411-424, 1999
Tectonic structure, evolution, and the nature of oceanic core complexes and their detachment fault zones (13 20′ N and 13 30′ N, Mid Atlantic Ridge)
J Escartin, C Mevel, S Petersen, D Bonnemains, M Cannat, M Andreani, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 18 (4), 1451-1482, 2017
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J Escartin, M Cannat, G Pouliquen, A Rabain, J Lin
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 106 (B10), 21719-21735, 2001
Seismic structure across the rift valley of the Mid‐Atlantic Ridge at 23 20′(MARK area): Implications for crustal accretion processes at slow spreading ridges
JP Canales, JA Collins, J Escartin, RS Detrick
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 105 (B12), 28411-28425, 2000
Spatial and temporal distribution of seismicity along the northern Mid‐Atlantic Ridge (15–35 N)
DK Smith, J Escartin, M Cannat, M Tolstoy, CG Fox, DWR Bohnenstiehl, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 108 (B3), 2003
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