Gaulthier Rydzek
Gaulthier Rydzek
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Layer-by-layer nanoarchitectonics: invention, innovation, and evolution
K Ariga, Y Yamauchi, G Rydzek, Q Ji, Y Yonamine, KCW Wu, JP Hill
Chemistry Letters 43 (1), 36-68, 2014
Electrochemical nanoarchitectonics and layer-by-layer assembly: From basics to future
G Rydzek, Q Ji, M Li, P Schaaf, JP Hill, F Boulmedais, K Ariga
Nano Today 10 (2), 138-167, 2015
Polymer multilayer films obtained by electrochemically catalyzed click chemistry
G Rydzek, JS Thomann, N Ben Ameur, L Jierry, P Mésini, A Ponche, ...
Langmuir 26 (4), 2816-2824, 2010
Efficient gas and water vapor barrier properties of thin poly (lactic acid) packaging films: Functionalization with moisture resistant nafion and clay multilayers
F Carosio, S Colonna, A Fina, G Rydzek, J Hemmerle, L Jierry, P Schaaf, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (19), 5459-5466, 2014
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G Rydzek, P Schaaf, JC Voegel, L Jierry, F Boulmedais
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Electrochemically Triggered Assembly of Films: A One‐Pot Morphogen‐Driven Buildup
G Rydzek, L Jierry, A Parat, JS Thomann, JC Voegel, B Senger, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (19), 4466-4469, 2011
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A Pakdel, A Witecka, G Rydzek, DNA Shri
Materials & Design 119, 225-234, 2017
Nonphospholipid fluid liposomes with switchable photocontrolled release
ZK Cui, T Phoeung, PA Rousseau, G Rydzek, Q Zhang, CG Bazuin, ...
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pH-Triggered Release from Nonphospholipid LUVs Modulated by the pKa of the Included Fatty Acid
T Phoeung, P Aubron, G Rydzek, M Lafleur
Langmuir 26 (15), 12769-12776, 2010
Electrotriggered confined self-assembly of metal–polyphenol nanocoatings using a morphogenic approach
C Maerten, L Lopez, P Lupattelli, G Rydzek, S Pronkin, P Schaaf, L Jierry, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (22), 9668-9679, 2017
One-pot morphogen driven self-constructing films based on non-covalent host–guest interactions
G Rydzek, A Parat, P Polavarapu, C Baehr, JC Voegel, J Hemmerlé, ...
Soft Matter 8 (2), 446-453, 2012
Self-construction of supramolecular polyrotaxane films by an electrotriggered morphogen-driven process
G Rydzek, T Garnier, P Schaaf, JC Voegel, B Senger, B Frisch, Y Haikel, ...
Langmuir 29 (34), 10776-10784, 2013
Morphogen-driven self-construction of covalent films built from polyelectrolytes and homobifunctional spacers: buildup and pH response
G Rydzek, P Polavarapu, C Rios, JN Tisserant, JC Voegel, B Senger, ...
Soft Matter 8 (40), 10336-10343, 2012
A comprehensive analysis of extrusion behavior, microstructural evolution, and mechanical properties of 6063 Al–B4C composites produced by semisolid stir casting
A Pakdel, A Witecka, G Rydzek, DNA Shri, V Nicolosi
Materials Science and Engineering: A 721, 28-37, 2018
pH-Responsive Saloplastics Based on Weak Polyelectrolytes: From Molecular Processes to Material Scale Properties
G Rydzek, A Pakdel, A Witecka, DN Awang Shri, F Gaudière, V Nicolosi, ...
Macromolecules 51 (12), 4424-4434, 2018
Nanostructured polymeric yolk–shell capsules: a versatile tool for hierarchical nanocatalyst design
NM Sanchez-Ballester, G Rydzek, A Pakdel, A Oruganti, K Hasegawa, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (25), 9850-9857, 2016
Selective Nanotrench Filling by One‐Pot Electroclick Self‐Constructed Nanoparticle Films
G Rydzek, D Toulemon, A Garofalo, C Leuvrey, JF Dayen, ...
Small 11 (36), 4638-4642, 2015
Transparent functional nanocomposite films based on octahedral metal clusters: synthesis by electrophoretic deposition process and characterization
N Thi Kim Nguyen, M Dubernet, Y Matsui, M Wilmet, N Shirahata, ...
Royal Society open science 6 (3), 181647, 2019
Electrochemically triggered self-constructing films: a one-pot morphogen-driven buildup
G Rydzek, L Jierry, A Parat, JS Thomann, JC Voegel, B Senger, ...
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