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Pressure and temperature sensors using two spin crossover materials
CM Jureschi, J Linares, A Boulmaali, PR Dahoo, A Rotaru, Y Garcia
Sensors 16 (2), 187, 2016
Optical properties of NiO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique
D Franta, B Negulescu, L Thomas, PR Dahoo, M Guyot, I Ohlídal, J Mistrík, ...
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Influence of methane concentration on the optical indices of Titan’s aerosols analogues
A Mahjoub, N Carrasco, PR Dahoo, T Gautier, C Szopa, G Cernogora
Icarus 221 (2), 670-677, 2012
Analysis of IR absorption spectrum of O3 in inert matrices: spectroscopic evidence for two trapping sites
P Brosset, R Dahoo, B Gauthier-Roy, L Abouaf-Marguin, A Lakhlifi
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Correlation between electrical and ellipsometric properties on high-quality epitaxial thin films of the conductive oxide LaNiO3 on STO (001)
W Noun, B Berini, Y Dumont, PR Dahoo, N Keller
Journal of Applied Physics 102 (6), 2007
A thermo-mechanical cohesive zone model for solder joint lifetime prediction
L Benabou, Z Sun, PR Dahoo
International Journal of Fatigue 49, 18-30, 2013
Self-, N2-, and O2-broadening parameters in the ν3 and ν1+ ν3 bands of 12C16O2
M Margottin-Maclou, P Dahoo, A Henry, A Valentin, L Henry
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 131 (1), 21-35, 1988
Line parameters for the 01111–00001 band of 12C16O18O from SOIR measurements of the Venus atmosphere
V Wilquet, A Mahieux, AC Vandaele, VI Perevalov, SA Tashkun, ...
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 109 (6), 895-905, 2008
Optical constants from 370 nm to 900 nm of Titan tholins produced in a low pressure RF plasma discharge
E Sciamma-O’Brien, PR Dahoo, E Hadamcik, N Carrasco, E Quirico, ...
Icarus 218 (1), 356-363, 2012
Thermal spin transition in investigated by spectroscopic ellipsometry
ED Loutete-Dangui, F Varret, E Codjovi, PR Dahoo, H Tokoro, S Ohkoshi, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 75 (18), 184425, 2007
First observation of 628 CO2 isotopologue band at 3.3 μm in the atmosphere of Venus by solar occultation from Venus Express
JL Bertaux, AC Vandaele, V Wilquet, F Montmessin, R Dahoo, E Villard, ...
Icarus 195 (1), 28-33, 2008
The CO:CO2 complex in argon matrices: Experimental evidence for two conformations with spontaneous interconversion
V Raducu, D Jasmin, R Dahoo, P Brosset, B Gauthier‐Roy, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 102 (23), 9235-9239, 1995
Analysis of long-range interaction effects on phase transitions in two-step spin-crossover chains by using Ising-type systems and Monte Carlo entropic sampling technique
D Chiruta, J Linares, PR Dahoo, M Dimian
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (7), 2012
Embedded Mechatronic Systems 2: Analysis of Failures, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
A El Hami, P Pougnet
Elsevier, 2020
Spark Plasma Sintering constrained process parameters of sintered silver paste for connection in power electronic modules: Microstructure, mechanical and thermal properties
N Alayli, F Schoenstein, A Girard, KL Tan, PR Dahoo
Materials Chemistry and Physics 148 (1-2), 125-133, 2014
Interpretation of the infrared spectrum of ozone trapped in inert matrices
A Lakhlifi, C Girardet, R Dahoo, P Brosset, B Gauthier-Roy, ...
Chemical physics 177 (1), 31-44, 1993
Spectroscopic ellipsometry investigations of the thermally induced first-order transition of
ED Loutete-Dangui, E Codjovi, H Tokoro, PR Dahoo, S Ohkoshi, ...
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Prediction of thermo-mechanical fatigue for solder joints in power electronics modules under passive temperature cycling
Z Sun, L Benabou, PR Dahoo
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 107, 48-60, 2013
Self-broadening parameters in the ν3 band of 14N2 16O
M Margottin-Maclou, P Dahoo, A Henry, L Henry
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 111 (2), 275-290, 1985
Splitting of vibrational mode of CO isotopic species in the unstable trapping site in argon matrix
PR Dahoo, I Berrodier, V Raducu, JL Teffo, H Chabbi, A Lakhlifi, ...
The European Physical Journal D-Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma …, 1999
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