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A special population of regulatory T cells potentiates muscle repair
D Burzyn, W Kuswanto, D Kolodin, JL Shadrach, M Cerletti, Y Jang, ...
Cell 155 (6), 1282-1295, 2013
Treg cells expressing the coinhibitory molecule TIGIT selectively inhibit proinflammatory Th1 and Th17 cell responses
N Joller, E Lozano, PR Burkett, B Patel, S Xiao, C Zhu, J Xia, TG Tan, ...
Immunity 40 (4), 569-581, 2014
Individual intestinal symbionts induce a distinct population of RORγ+ regulatory T cells
E Sefik, N Geva-Zatorsky, S Oh, L Konnikova, D Zemmour, AM McGuire, ...
Science 349 (6251), 993-997, 2015
Mining the human gut microbiota for immunomodulatory organisms
N Geva-Zatorsky, E Sefik, L Kua, L Pasman, TG Tan, A Ortiz-Lopez, ...
Cell 168 (5), 928-943. e11, 2017
Naturally transmitted segmented filamentous bacteria segregate with diabetes protection in nonobese diabetic mice
MA Kriegel, E Sefik, JA Hill, HJ Wu, C Benoist, D Mathis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (28), 11548-11553, 2011
Identifying species of symbiont bacteria from the human gut that, alone, can induce intestinal Th17 cells in mice
TG Tan, E Sefik, N Geva-Zatorsky, L Kua, D Naskar, F Teng, L Pasman, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (50), E8141-E8150, 2016
Inflammasome activation in infected macrophages drives COVID-19 pathology
E Sefik, R Qu, C Junqueira, E Kaffe, H Mirza, J Zhao, JR Brewer, A Han, ...
Nature 606 (7914), 585-593, 2022
m6A mRNA methylation sustains Treg suppressive functions
J Tong, G Cao, T Zhang, E Sefik, MC Amezcua Vesely, JP Broughton, ...
Cell Research 28 (2), 253-256, 2018
Differential effects of STAT5 and PI3K/AKT signaling on effector and memory CD8 T-cell survival
TW Hand, W Cui, YW Jung, E Sefik, NS Joshi, A Chandele, Y Liu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (38), 16601-16606, 2010
Endoscopic photoconversion reveals unexpectedly broad leukocyte trafficking to and from the gut
AM Morton, E Sefik, R Upadhyay, R Weissleder, C Benoist, D Mathis
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (18), 6696-6701, 2014
Enteric nervous system-derived IL-18 orchestrates mucosal barrier immunity
A Jarret, R Jackson, C Duizer, ME Healy, J Zhao, JM Rone, P Bielecki, ...
Cell 180 (1), 50-63. e12, 2020
mRNA destabilization by BTG1 and BTG2 maintains T cell quiescence
SS Hwang, J Lim, Z Yu, P Kong, E Sefik, H Xu, CCD Harman, LK Kim, ...
Science 367 (6483), 1255-1260, 2020
Control of peripheral tolerance by regulatory T cell–intrinsic Notch signaling
LM Charbonnier, S Wang, P Georgiev, E Sefik, TA Chatila
Nature immunology 16 (11), 1162-1173, 2015
An immunologic mode of multigenerational transmission governs a gut Treg setpoint
D Ramanan, E Sefik, S Galván-Peña, M Wu, L Yang, Z Yang, A Kostic, ...
Cell 181 (6), 1276-1290. e13, 2020
Tissue-resident memory T cell reactivation by diverse antigen-presenting cells imparts distinct functional responses
JS Low, Y Farsakoglu, MC Amezcua Vesely, E Sefik, JB Kelly, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 217 (8), 2020
Detection of differentially abundant cell subpopulations in scRNA-seq data
J Zhao, A Jaffe, H Li, O Lindenbaum, E Sefik, R Jackson, X Cheng, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (22), e2100293118, 2021
A humanized mouse model of chronic COVID-19
E Sefik, B Israelow, H Mirza, J Zhao, R Qu, E Kaffe, E Song, S Halene, ...
Nature biotechnology 40 (6), 906-920, 2022
RNA m6A demethylase ALKBH5 regulates the development of γδ T cells
C Ding, H Xu, Z Yu, M Roulis, R Qu, J Zhou, J Oh, J Crawford, Y Gao, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (33), e2203318119, 2022
Regulatory T cells in the face of the intestinal microbiota
D Ramanan, A Pratama, Y Zhu, O Venezia, M Sassone-Corsi, ...
Nature Reviews Immunology 23 (11), 749-762, 2023
Human neutrophil development and functionality are enabled in a humanized mouse model
Y Zheng, E Sefik, J Astle, K Karatepe, HH Öz, AG Solis, R Jackson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (43), e2121077119, 2022
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