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Oleg Makarenkov
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Dynamics and bifurcations of nonsmooth systems: A survey
O Makarenkov, JSW Lamb
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 241 (22), 1826-1844, 2012
Asymptotic stability of periodic solutions for nonsmooth differential equations with application to the nonsmooth van der Pol oscillator
A Buică, J Llibre, O Makarenkov
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An alternative approach to study bifurcation from a limit cycle in periodically perturbed autonomous systems
M Kamenskii, O Makarenkov, P Nistri
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M Kamenskii, O Makarenkov, P Nistri
Mathematische Nachrichten 281 (1), 42-61, 2008
Existence and stability of limit cycles in the model of a planar passive biped walking down a slope
O Makarenkov
Proceedings of the Royal Society A 476 (2233), 20190450, 2020
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O Makarenkov, P Nistri
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications 338 (2), 1401-1417, 2008
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M Kamenskii, O Makarenkov
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A Buică, J Llibre, O Makarenkov
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M Kamenskii, O Makarenkov, LN Wadippuli, PR de Fitte
Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems 30, 213-224, 2018
Dwell time for local stability of switched affine systems with application to non-spiking neuron models
O Makarenkov, A Phung
Applied Mathematics Letters 86, 89-94, 2018
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O Makarenkov, R Ortega
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A new test for stick–slip limit cycles in dry-friction oscillators with a small nonlinearity in the friction characteristic
O Makarenkov
Meccanica 52 (11-12), 2631-2640, 2017
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O Makarenkov
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 16 (3), 1340-1371, 2017
Existence and stability of limit cycles in control of anti-lock braking systems with two boundaries via perturbation theory
T Köppen, T Küpper, O Makarenkov
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A Buicǎ, J Llibre, OY Makarenkov
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M Kamenskii, O Makarenkov, P Nistri
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Poincaré index and periodic solutions of perturbed autonomous systems
O Makarenkov
Transactions of the Moscow Mathematical Society 70, 1-30, 2009
A new approach in the theory of ordinary differential equations with small parameter
M Kamenskii, O Makarenkov, P Nistri
arXiv preprint arXiv:0710.0057, 2007
Stabilization of the response of cyclically loaded lattice spring models with plasticity
I Gudoshnikov, O Makarenkov
ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations 27, S8, 2021
Extremum seeking control of a nonholonomic system with sensor constraints
Y Zhang, O Makarenkov, N Gans
Automatica 70, 86-93, 2016
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