Neil Maclusky
Neil Maclusky
Professor of Biomedical Sciences
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Sexual differentiation of the central nervous system
NJ MacLusky, F Naftolin
Science 211 (4488), 1294-1302, 1981
Glucose intolerance but normal satiety in mice with a null mutation in the glucagon–like peptide 1 receptor gene
LA Scrocchi, TJ Brown, N MaClusky, PL Brubaker, AB Auerbach, ...
Nature medicine 2 (11), 1254-1258, 1996
ER-X: a novel, plasma membrane-associated, putative estrogen receptor that is regulated during development and after ischemic brain injury
CD Toran-Allerand, X Guan, NJ MacLusky, TL Horvath, S Diano, M Singh, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 22 (19), 8391-8401, 2002
Estrogen receptors colocalize with low-affinity nerve growth factor receptors in cholinergic neurons of the basal forebrain.
CD Toran-Allerand, RC Miranda, WD Bentham, F Sohrabji, TJ Brown, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 89 (10), 4668-4672, 1992
Gonadal hormones affect spine synaptic density in the CA1 hippocampal subfield of male rats
C Leranth, O Petnehazy, NJ MacLusky
Journal of Neuroscience 23 (5), 1588-1592, 2003
Oestrogen modulates progestin receptor concentrations in some rat brain regions but not in others
NJ MacLusky, BS McEwen
Nature 274 (5668), 276-278, 1978
Rapid enhancement of visual and place memory by estrogens in rats
VN Luine, LF Jacome, NJ MacLusky
Endocrinology 144 (7), 2836-2844, 2003
Progestin receptors in rat brain: distribution and properties of cytoplasmic progestin-binding sites
Endocrinology 106 (1), 192-202, 1980
Estrogen and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in hippocampus: complexity of steroid hormone-growth factor interactions in the adult CNS
HE Scharfman, NJ MacLusky
Frontiers in neuroendocrinology 27 (4), 415-435, 2006
HLA-G expression during preimplantation human embryo development.
A Jurisicova, RF Casper, NJ Maclusky, GB Mills, CL Librach
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Glutamic acid decarboxylase-containing axons synapse on LHRH neurons in the rat medial preoptic area
C Leranth, NJ MacLusky, H Sakamoto, M Shanabrough, F Naftolin
Neuroendocrinology 40 (6), 536-539, 1985
Hippocampal excitability increases during the estrous cycle in the rat: a potential role for brain-derived neurotrophic factor
HE Scharfman, TC Mercurio, JH Goodman, MA Wilson, NJ MacLusky
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Progestin receptor levels in rat hypothalamic and limbic nuclei
B Parsons, TC Rainbow, NJ MAcLUSKY, BS McEWEN
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Short‐term treatment with the antidepressant fluoxetine triggers pyramidal dendritic spine synapse formation in rat hippocampus
T Hajszan, NJ MacLusky, C Leranth
European Journal of Neuroscience 21 (5), 1299-1303, 2005
The 17α and 17β isomers of estradiol both induce rapid spine synapse formation in the CA1 hippocampal subfield of ovariectomized female rats
NJ MacLusky, VN Luine, T Hajszan, C Leranth
Endocrinology 146 (1), 287-293, 2005
Androgen modulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity
NJ MacLusky, T Hajszan, J Prange-Kiel, C Leranth
Neuroscience 138 (3), 957-965, 2006
Bisphenol A prevents the synaptogenic response to estradiol in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of ovariectomized nonhuman primates
C Leranth, T Hajszan, K Szigeti-Buck, J Bober, NJ MacLusky
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (37), 14187-14191, 2008
The influence of gonadal hormones on neuronal excitability, seizures, and epilepsy in the female
HE Scharfman, NJ MacLusky
Epilepsia 47 (9), 1423-1440, 2006
Immunohistochemical evidence for synaptic connections between pro-opiomelanocortin-immunoreactive axons and LH-RH neurons in the preoptic area of the rat
C Leranth, NJ MacLusky, M Shanabrough, F Naftolin
Brain research 449 (1-2), 167-176, 1988
Sexually dimorphic effects of prenatal stress on cognition, hormonal responses, and central neurotransmitters
RE Bowman, NJ MacLusky, Y Sarmiento, M Frankfurt, M Gordon, ...
Endocrinology 145 (8), 3778-3787, 2004
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