Dr. Waheed Khan
Dr. Waheed Khan
Postdoctoral fellow at Shenzhen University
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High quantum yield green-emitting carbon dots for Fe (ІІІ) detection, biocompatible fluorescent ink and cellular imaging
WU Khan, D Wang, W Zhang, Z Tang, X Ma, X Ding, S Du, Y Wang
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14866, 2017
Highly green emissive nitrogen-doped carbon dots with excellent thermal stability for bioimaging and solid-state LED
WU Khan, D Wang, Y Wang
Inorganic chemistry 57 (24), 15229-15239, 2018
Novel zirconium silicate phosphor K 2 ZrSi 2 O 7: Eu 2+ for white light-emitting diodes and field emission displays
Z Tang, D Wang, WU Khan, S Du, X Wang, Y Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (23), 5307-5313, 2016
Eu3+, Sm3+ Deep‐Red Phosphors as Novel Materials for White Light‐Emitting Diodes and Simultaneous Performance Enhancement of Organic–Inorganic …
SU Khan, WU Khan, WU Khan, D Khan, S Saeed, S Badshah, M Ikram, ...
Small 16 (25), 2001551, 2020
Photoluminescence study of a broad yellow-emitting phosphor K2ZrSi2O7: Bi3+
DY Wang, ZB Tang, WU Khan, Y Wang
Chemical Engineering Journal 313, 1082-1087, 2017
Red‐emitting CaSc2O4:Eu3+ phosphor for NUV‐based warm white LEDs: structural elucidation and Hirshfeld surface analysis
N Shaishta, WU Khan, SKB Mane, A Hayat, DD Zhou, J Khan, ...
International Journal of Energy Research 44 (11), 8328-8339, 2020
Recent developments of Red/NIR carbon dots in biosensing, bioimaging, and tumor theranostics
HX Muhammad Muzammal Hussain, Waheed Ullah Khan, Farid Ahmed, Yen Wei
Chemical Engineering Journal 465, 143010, 2023
Water-soluble green-emitting carbon nanodots with enhanced thermal stability for biological applications
WU Khan, L Qin, A Alam, P Zhou, Y Peng, Y Wang
Nanoscale 13 (7), 4301-4307, 2021
High biocompatible nitrogen and sulfur Co-doped carbon dots for Hg (II) detection and their long-term biological stability in living cells
WU Khan, L Qin, L Chen, WU Khan, S Zeb, A Khan, S Li, SU Khan, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 1245, 340847, 2023
Robust thermal performance of red-emitting phosphor composites for white light-emitting diodes: Energy transfer and oxygen-vacancy induced electronic localization
WU Khan, WU Khan, Y Peng, Z Cheng, TA Saleh, Y Zhang
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 600, 219-228, 2021
Fluorescent carbon dots an effective nano-thermometer in vitro applications
WU Khan, L Qin, A Alam, P Zhou, Y Peng, Y Wang
ACS Applied Bio Materials 4 (7), 5786-5796, 2021
Solvent-free synthesis of nitrogen doped carbon dots with dual emission and their biological and sensing applications
WU Khan, P Zhou, L Qin, A Alam, Z Ge, Y Wang
Materials Today Nano 18, 100205, 2022
Solid‐State Carbon Dots with Efficient Cyan Emission towards White Light‐Emitting Diodes
D Wang, WU Khan, Y Wang
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 14 (2), 286-292, 2019
Photoluminescence of BaZrSi3O9: Bi3+ as a yellow emitting phosphor for White LEDs
Z Tang, D Wang, Y Wang, WU Khan, S Du
Materials Research Bulletin 83, 336-339, 2016
Bright Red-Emitting Ca3LuAl3B4O15:Ce3+,Sm3+ Phosphors with High Thermal Stability for Elevating the Color Rendering of Near-Ultraviolet-Based White …
WU Khan, WU Khan, H Lin, Z Cheng, MW Shah, Y Zhang
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 3 (9), 4218-4227, 2021
Exploring recent advancements and future prospects on coordination self-assembly of the regulated lanthanide-doped luminescent supramolecular hydrogels
F Ahmed, MM Hussain, WU Khan, H Xiong
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 499, 215486, 2024
Bifunctional samarium activated red-emitting and thermal resistant phosphor for simultaneous field emission displays and white light-emitting diodes
WU Khan, WU Khan, Z Ye, M Boubeche, T Shi, D Khan, Y Zhang
Ceramics International 48 (4), 5689-5697, 2022
A review of the growing trend towards heteroatoms-doped carbon dots based on dopamine acting as a hybrid agent and detected analyte
WU Khan, MM Hussain, F Ahmed, H Xiong
Talanta 265, 124781, 2023
Structural-suppressing concentration quenching in dysprosium single-phase white emission and their application in optical thermometric and white light-emitting devices
F Gao, WU Khan, WU Khan, Z Ye, Y Zhang
Ceramics International 49 (5), 8039-8047, 2023
Bioimaging-guided discrimination of normal/cancer cells using Ag+-mediated red fluorescent carbon dots
F Ahmed, W Xu, MM Hussain, WU Khan, H Xiong
Chemical Engineering Journal 477, 147300, 2023
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