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Dietary fat, but not protein or carbohydrate, regulates energy intake and causes adiposity in mice
S Hu, LU Wang, D Yang, LI Li, J Togo, Y Wu, Q Liu, B Li, M Li, G Wang, ...
Cell metabolism 28 (3), 415-431. e4, 2018
Microbiota depletion impairs thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue and browning of white adipose tissue
B Li, L Li, M Li, SM Lam, G Wang, Y Wu, H Zhang, C Niu, X Zhang, X Liu, ...
Cell Reports 26 (10), 2720-2737. e5, 2019
A blood atlas of COVID-19 defines hallmarks of disease severity and specificity
DJ Ahern, Z Ai, M Ainsworth, C Allan, A Allcock, B Angus, MA Ansari, ...
Cell 185 (5), 916-938. e58, 2022
Single-cell analyses reveal megakaryocyte-biased hematopoiesis in myelofibrosis and identify mutant clone-specific targets
B Psaila, G Wang, A Rodriguez-Meira, R Li, EF Heuston, L Murphy, D Yee, ...
Molecular cell 78 (3), 477-492. e8, 2020
The developing mouse coronal suture at single-cell resolution
DJT Farmer, H Mlcochova, Y Zhou, N Koelling, G Wang, N Ashley, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4797, 2021
Analysis of positive selection at single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with body mass index does not support the “thrifty gene” hypothesis
G Wang, JR Speakman
Cell metabolism 24 (4), 531-541, 2016
Single-cell profiling of human bone marrow progenitors reveals mechanisms of failing erythropoiesis in Diamond-Blackfan anemia
D Iskander, G Wang, EF Heuston, C Christodoulidou, B Psaila, ...
Science translational medicine 13 (610), eabf0113, 2021
Very-low-protein diets lead to reduced food intake and weight loss, linked to inhibition of hypothalamic mTOR signaling, in mice
Y Wu, B Li, L Li, SE Mitchell, CL Green, G D’Agostino, G Wang, L Wang, ...
Cell Metabolism 33 (5), 888-904. e6, 2021
Different impacts of resources on opposite sex ratings of physical attractiveness by males and females
G Wang, M Cao, J Sauciuvenaite, R Bissland, M Hacker, C Hambly, ...
Evolution and Human Behavior 39 (2), 220-225, 2018
Human bone marrow organoids for disease modeling, discovery, and validation of therapeutic targets in hematologic malignancies
AO Khan, A Rodriguez-Romera, JS Reyat, AA Olijnik, M Colombo, ...
Cancer discovery 13 (2), 364-385, 2023
Transitions in lineage specification and gene regulatory networks in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells over human development
A Roy, G Wang, D Iskander, S O’Byrne, N Elliott, J O’Sullivan, G Buck, ...
Cell Reports 36 (11), 2021
No seasonal variation in physical activity of Han Chinese living in Beijing
G Wang, B Li, X Zhang, C Niu, J Li, L Li, JR Speakman
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 14, 1-10, 2017
Brown adipocytes can display a mammary basal myoepithelial cell phenotype in vivo
L Li, B Li, M Li, C Niu, G Wang, T Li, E Król, W Jin, JR Speakman
Molecular metabolism 6 (10), 1198-1211, 2017
The relationship of female physical attractiveness to body fatness
G Wang, K Djafarian, CA Egedigwe, A El Hamdouchi, R Ojiambo, ...
PeerJ 3, e1155, 2015
Brown adipose tissue is the key depot for glucose clearance in microbiota depleted mice
M Li, L Li, B Li, C Hambly, G Wang, Y Wu, Z Jin, A Wang, C Niu, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4725, 2021
Heterogeneous disease-propagating stem cells in juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia
E Louka, B Povinelli, A Rodriguez-Meira, G Buck, WX Wen, G Wang, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 218 (2), 2021
Single-cell multi-omics identifies chronic inflammation as a driver of TP53-mutant leukemic evolution
A Rodriguez-Meira, R Norfo, S Wen, AL Chédeville, H Rahman, ...
Nature genetics 55 (9), 1531-1541, 2023
Single-cell analysis of bone marrow–derived CD34+ cells from children with sickle cell disease and thalassemia
P Hua, N Roy, J de la Fuente, G Wang, S Thongjuea, K Clark, A Roy, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 134 (23), 2111-2115, 2019
CD34+CD19CD22+ B-cell progenitors may underlie phenotypic escape in patients treated with CD19-directed therapies
C Bueno, S Barrera, A Bataller, V Ortiz-Maldonado, N Elliot, S O’Byrne, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 140 (1), 38-44, 2022
An immune cell atlas reveals the dynamics of human macrophage specification during prenatal development
Z Wang, Z Wu, H Wang, R Feng, G Wang, M Li, SY Wang, X Chen, Y Su, ...
Cell 186 (20), 4454-4471. e19, 2023
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