Charles W Melnyk
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Small silencing RNAs in plants are mobile and direct epigenetic modification in recipient cells
A Molnar, CW Melnyk, A Bassett, TJ Hardcastle, R Dunn, DC Baulcombe
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Intercellular and systemic movement of RNA silencing signals
CW Melnyk, A Molnar, DC Baulcombe
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Plant grafting
CW Melnyk, EM Meyerowitz
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Mobile small RNAs regulate genome-wide DNA methylation
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Mobile PEAR transcription factors integrate positional cues to prime cambial growth
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Plant grafting: insights into tissue regeneration
CW Melnyk
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B Landrein, P Formosa-Jordan, A Malivert, C Schuster, CW Melnyk, ...
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Transcriptome dynamics at Arabidopsis graft junctions reveal an intertissue recognition mechanism that activates vascular regeneration
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siRNAs and DNA methylation: seedy epigenetics
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JMJ14, a JmjC domain protein, is required for RNA silencing and cell-to-cell movement of an RNA silencing signal in Arabidopsis
IR Searle, O Pontes, CW Melnyk, LM Smith, DC Baulcombe
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AINTEGUMENTA and the D-type cyclin CYCD3; 1 regulate root secondary growth and respond to cytokinins
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Developing a thief: haustoria formation in parasitic plants
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Cell-by-cell dissection of phloem development links a maturation gradient to cell specialization
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Science 374 (6575), eaba5531, 2021
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