Philipp Rathert
Philipp Rathert
Institute of Biochemistry and Technical Biochemistry, University of Stuttgart
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The Dnmt3a PWWP domain reads histone 3 lysine 36 trimethylation and guides DNA methylation
A Dhayalan, A Rajavelu, P Rathert, R Tamas, RZ Jurkowska, S Ragozin, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (34), 26114-26120, 2010
Transcriptional plasticity promotes primary and acquired resistance to BET inhibition
P Rathert, M Roth, T Neumann, F Muerdter, JS Roe, M Muhar, S Deswal, ...
Nature 525 (7570), 543-547, 2015
Chromatin methylation activity of Dnmt3a and Dnmt3a/3L is guided by interaction of the ADD domain with the histone H3 tail
Y Zhang, R Jurkowska, S Soeroes, A Rajavelu, A Dhayalan, I Bock, ...
Nucleic acids research 38 (13), 4246-4253, 2010
Protein lysine methyltransferase G9a acts on non-histone targets
P Rathert, A Dhayalan, M Murakami, X Zhang, R Tamas, R Jurkowska, ...
Nature chemical biology 4 (6), 344-346, 2008
The histone chaperone CAF-1 safeguards somatic cell identity
S Cheloufi, U Elling, B Hopfgartner, YL Jung, J Murn, M Ninova, ...
Nature 528 (7581), 218-224, 2015
Specificity analysis-based identification of new methylation targets of the SET7/9 protein lysine methyltransferase
A Dhayalan, S Kudithipudi, P Rathert, A Jeltsch
Chemistry & Biology 18 (1), 111-120, 2011
Detailed specificity analysis of antibodies binding to modified histone tails with peptide arrays
I Bock, A Dhayalan, S Kudithipudi, O Brandt, P Rathert, A Jeltsch
Epigenetics 6 (2), 256-263, 2011
Analysis of the substrate specificity of the Dim-5 histone lysine methyltransferase using peptide arrays
P Rathert, X Zhang, C Freund, X Cheng, A Jeltsch
Chemistry & biology 15 (1), 5-11, 2008
Modular fluorescence complementation sensors for live cell detection of epigenetic signals at endogenous genomic sites
C Lungu, S Pinter, J Broche, P Rathert, A Jeltsch
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-13, 2017
MTHFD1 interaction with BRD4 links folate metabolism to transcriptional regulation
S Sdelci, AF Rendeiro, P Rathert, W You, JMG Lin, A Ringler, G Hofstätter, ...
Nature genetics 51 (6), 990-998, 2019
Substrate specificity analysis and novel substrates of the protein lysine methyltransferase NSD1
S Kudithipudi, C Lungu, P Rathert, N Happel, A Jeltsch
Chemistry & biology 21 (2), 226-237, 2014
Mutations of R882 change flanking sequence preferences of the DNA methyltransferase DNMT3A and cellular methylation patterns
M Emperle, S Adam, S Kunert, M Dukatz, A Baude, C Plass, P Rathert, ...
Nucleic acids research 47 (21), 11355-11367, 2019
Phosphorylation of serine-515 activates the Mammalian maintenance methyltransferase Dnmt1
R Goyal, P Rathert, H Laser, H Gowher, A Jeltsch
Epigenetics 2 (3), 155-160, 2007
Specificity of protein lysine methyltransferases and methods for detection of lysine methylation of non-histone proteins
P Rathert, A Dhayalan, H Ma, A Jeltsch
Molecular BioSystems 4 (12), 1186-1190, 2008
Mapping the chemical chromatin reactivation landscape identifies BRD4-TAF1 cross-talk
S Sdelci, CH Lardeau, C Tallant, F Klepsch, B Klaiber, J Bennett, ...
Nature chemical biology 12 (7), 504-510, 2016
Application of DNA methyltransferases in targeted DNA methylation
A Jeltsch, RZ Jurkowska, TP Jurkowski, K Liebert, P Rathert, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 75 (6), 1233-1240, 2007
Reversible inactivation of the CG specific SssI DNA (cytosine‐C5)‐methyltransferase with a photocleavable protecting group
P Rathert, T Raskó, M Roth, K Ślaska‐Kiss, A Pingoud, A Kiss, A Jeltsch
Chembiochem 8 (2), 202-207, 2007
Continuous enzymatic assay for histone lysine methyltransferases
P Rathert, X Cheng, A Jeltsch
Biotechniques 43 (5), 602-608, 2007
Chromatin-dependent allosteric regulation of DNMT3A activity by MeCP2
A Rajavelu, C Lungu, M Emperle, M Dukatz, A Bröhm, J Broche, I Hanelt, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (17), 9044-9056, 2018
A continuous protein methyltransferase (G9a) assay for enzyme activity measurement and inhibitor screening
A Dhayalan, E Dimitrova, P Rathert, A Jeltsch
Journal of biomolecular screening 14 (9), 1129-1133, 2009
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