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Diabetes is a risk factor for the progression and prognosis of COVID‐19
W Guo, M Li, Y Dong, H Zhou, Z Zhang, C Tian, R Qin, H Wang, Y Shen, ...
Diabetes/metabolism research and reviews 36 (7), e3319, 2020
Immune evasion of the human pathogenic yeast Candida albicans: Pra1 is a Factor H, FHL-1 and plasminogen binding surface protein
S Luo, S Poltermann, A Kunert, S Rupp, PF Zipfel
Molecular immunology 47 (2-3), 541-550, 2009
Elevated Exhaustion Levels of NK and CD8+ T Cells as Indicators for Progression and Prognosis of COVID-19 Disease
M Li, W Guo, Y Dong, X Wang, D Dai, X Liu, Y Wu, M Li, W Zhang, H Zhou, ...
Frontiers in immunology 11, 580237, 2020
Dual-track clearance of circulating bacteria balances rapid restoration of blood sterility with induction of adaptive immunity
SP Broadley, A Plaumann, R Coletti, C Lehmann, A Wanisch, ...
Cell host & microbe 20 (1), 36-48, 2016
Cardiovascular disease potentially contributes to the progression and poor prognosis of COVID-19
M Li, Y Dong, H Wang, W Guo, H Zhou, Z Zhang, C Tian, K Du, R Zhu, ...
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases 30 (7), 1061-1067, 2020
Complement regulator Factor H mediates a two-step uptake of Streptococcus pneumoniae by human cells
V Agarwal, TM Asmat, S Luo, I Jensch, PF Zipfel, S Hammerschmidt
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (30), 23486-23495, 2010
Kallikrein cleaves C3 and activates complement
S Irmscher, N Döring, LD Halder, EAH Jo, I Kopka, C Dunker, ...
Journal of innate immunity 10 (2), 94-105, 2018
Complement and innate immune evasion strategies of the human pathogenic fungus Candida albicans
S Luo, C Skerka, O Kurzai, PF Zipfel
Molecular immunology 56 (3), 161-169, 2013
Vascular smooth muscle cells contribute to atherosclerosis immunity
D Hu, C Yin, S Luo, AJR Habenicht, SK Mohanta
Frontiers in immunology 10, 447534, 2019
The pH-regulated antigen 1 of Candida albicans binds the human complement inhibitor C4b-binding protein and mediates fungal complement evasion
S Luo, AM Blom, S Rupp, UC Hipler, B Hube, C Skerka, PF Zipfel
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (10), 8021-8029, 2011
A novel simple scoring model for predicting severity of patients with SARS‐CoV‐2 infection
Y Dong, H Zhou, M Li, Z Zhang, W Guo, T Yu, Y Gui, Q Wang, L Zhao, ...
Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 67 (6), 2823-2829, 2020
Immune escape of the human facultative pathogenic yeast Candida albicans: the many faces of the Candida Pra1 protein
PF Zipfel, C Skerka, D Kupka, S Luo
International Journal of Medical Microbiology 301 (5), 423-430, 2011
Obesity is a potential risk factor contributing to clinical manifestations of COVID-19
Z Kang, S Luo, Y Gui, H Zhou, Z Zhang, C Tian, Q Zhou, Q Wang, Y Hu, ...
International journal of obesity 44 (12), 2479-2485, 2020
Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase 2 Is a Novel Factor H–, Factor H–like Protein 1–, and Plasminogen-Binding Surface Protein of Candida albicans
S Luo, R Hoffmann, C Skerka, PF Zipfel
The Journal of infectious diseases 207 (4), 594-603, 2013
Secreted pH-regulated antigen 1 of Candida albicans blocks activation and conversion of complement C3
S Luo, A Hartmann, HM Dahse, C Skerka, PF Zipfel
The Journal of immunology 185 (4), 2164-2173, 2010
Berberine ameliorates DSS-induced intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction through microbiota-dependence and Wnt/β-catenin pathway
Y Dong, H Fan, Z Zhang, F Jiang, M Li, H Zhou, W Guo, Z Zhang, Z Kang, ...
International Journal of Biological Sciences 18 (4), 1381, 2022
Chronic inflammation: a common promoter in tertiary lymphoid organ neogenesis
S Luo, R Zhu, T Yu, H Fan, Y Hu, SK Mohanta, D Hu
Frontiers in immunology 10, 2938, 2019
Complement in hemolysis-and thrombosis-related diseases
S Luo, D Hu, M Wang, PF Zipfel, Y Hu
Frontiers in immunology 11, 497738, 2020
Multifaceted functions of STING in human health and disease: from molecular mechanism to targeted strategy
Z Zhang, H Zhou, X Ouyang, Y Dong, A Sarapultsev, S Luo, D Hu
Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 7 (1), 394, 2022
Urinalysis, but not blood biochemistry, detects the early renal impairment in patients with COVID-19
H Zhou, Z Zhang, M Dobrinina, Y Dong, Z Kang, V Chereshnev, D Hu, ...
Diagnostics 12 (3), 602, 2022
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