Dr. Sara Weirich
Dr. Sara Weirich
Group leader, Institute of Biochemistry and Technical Biochemistry, University of Stuttgart
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H3K14ac is linked to methylation of H3K9 by the triple Tudor domain of SETDB1
RZ Jurkowska, S Qin, G Kungulovski, W Tempel, Y Liu, P Bashtrykov, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 2057, 2017
The methyltransferase METTL9 mediates pervasive 1-methylhistidine modification in mammalian proteomes
E Davydova, T Shimazu, MK Schuhmacher, ME Jakobsson, ...
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Activity and specificity of the human SUV39H2 protein lysine methyltransferase
MK Schuhmacher, S Kudithipudi, D Kusevic, S Weirich, A Jeltsch
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Somatic cancer mutations in the MLL3-SET domain alter the catalytic properties of the enzyme
S Weirich, S Kudithipudi, I Kycia, A Jeltsch
Clinical epigenetics 7 (1), 1-9, 2015
Recognition of nonproline N-terminal residues by the Pro/N-degron pathway
C Dong, SJ Chen, A Melnykov, S Weirich, K Sun, A Jeltsch, A Varshavsky, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (25), 14158-14167, 2020
Specificity of the SUV4–20H1 and SUV4–20H2 protein lysine methyltransferases and methylation of novel substrates
S Weirich, S Kudithipudi, A Jeltsch
Journal of Molecular Biology 428 (11), 2344-2358, 2016
Specificity analysis of protein lysine methyltransferases using SPOT peptide arrays
S Kudithipudi, D Kusevic, S Weirich, A Jeltsch
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Structure, activity and function of the Suv39h1 and Suv39h2 protein lysine methyltransferases
S Weirich, MS Khella, A Jeltsch
Life 11 (7), 703, 2021
Improving the resistance of a eukaryotic β-barrel protein to thermal and chemical perturbations
D Gessmann, F Mager, H Naveed, T Arnold, S Weirich, D Linke, J Liang, ...
Journal of molecular biology 413 (1), 150-161, 2011
The Legionella pneumophila methyltransferase RomA methylates also non-histone proteins during infection
MK Schuhmacher, M Rolando, A Bröhm, S Weirich, S Kudithipudi, ...
Journal of molecular biology 430 (13), 1912-1925, 2018
Somatic cancer mutations in the MLL 1 histone methyltransferase modulate its enzymatic activity and dependence on the WDR 5/RBBP 5/ASH 2L complex
S Weirich, S Kudithipudi, A Jeltsch
Molecular oncology 11 (4), 373-387, 2017
Sequence specificity analysis of the SETD2 protein lysine methyltransferase and discovery of a SETD2 super-substrate
MK Schuhmacher, S Beldar, MS Khella, A Bröhm, J Ludwig, W Tempel, ...
Communications Biology 3 (1), 511, 2020
Analysis of the Substrate Specificity of the SMYD2 Protein Lysine Methyltransferase and Discovery of Novel Non‐Histone Substrates
S Weirich, MK Schuhmacher, S Kudithipudi, C Lungu, AD Ferguson, ...
ChemBioChem 21 (1-2), 256-264, 2020
Somatic cancer mutations in the SUV420H1 protein lysine methyltransferase modulate its catalytic activity
A Bröhm, H Elsawy, P Rathert, S Kudithipudi, T Schoch, MK Schuhmacher, ...
Journal of molecular biology 431 (17), 3068-3080, 2019
A loss-of-function variant in SUV39H2 identified in autism-spectrum disorder causes altered H3K9 trimethylation and dysregulation of protocadherin β-cluster …
S Balan, Y Iwayama, T Ohnishi, M Fukuda, A Shirai, A Yamada, S Weirich, ...
Molecular psychiatry 26 (12), 7550-7559, 2021
A functional LSD1 coregulator screen reveals a novel transcriptional regulatory cascade connecting R-loop homeostasis with epigenetic regulation
S Pinter, F Knodel, M Choudalakis, P Schnee, C Kroll, M Fuchs, A Broehm, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (8), 4350-4370, 2021
Investigation of the methylation of Numb by the SET8 protein lysine methyltransferase
S Weirich, D Kusevic, S Kudithipudi, A Jeltsch
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 13813, 2015
Development of an epigenetic tetracycline sensor system based on DNA methylation
T Ullrich, S Weirich, A Jeltsch
Plos one 15 (5), e0232701, 2020
CRL2ZER1/ZYG11B recognizes small N-terminal residues for degradation
Y Li, Y Zhao, X Yan, C Ye, S Weirich, B Zhang, X Wang, L Song, C Jiang, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 7636, 2022
Specificity analysis of protein methyltransferases and discovery of novel substrates using SPOT peptide arrays
S Weirich, A Jeltsch
Histone Methyltransferases: Methods and Protocols, 313-325, 2022
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