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Dietary fat, but not protein or carbohydrate, regulates energy intake and causes adiposity in mice
S Hu, LU Wang, D Yang, LI Li, J Togo, Y Wu, Q Liu, B Li, M Li, G Wang, ...
Cell metabolism 28 (3), 415-431. e4, 2018
Microbiota depletion impairs thermogenesis of brown adipose tissue and browning of white adipose tissue
B Li, L Li, M Li, SM Lam, G Wang, Y Wu, H Zhang, C Niu, X Zhang, X Liu, ...
Cell Reports 26 (10), 2720-2737. e5, 2019
Switching on the furnace: regulation of heat production in brown adipose tissue
L Li, B Li, M Li, JR Speakman
Molecular aspects of medicine 68, 60-73, 2019
Very-low-protein diets lead to reduced food intake and weight loss, linked to inhibition of hypothalamic mTOR signaling, in mice
Y Wu, B Li, L Li, SE Mitchell, CL Green, G D’Agostino, G Wang, L Wang, ...
Cell Metabolism 33 (5), 888-904. e6, 2021
Limits to sustained energy intake. XIX. A test of the heat dissipation limitation hypothesis in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus)
DB Yang, L Li, LP Wang, QS Chi, C Hambly, DH Wang, JR Speakman
Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (17), 3358-3368, 2013
No seasonal variation in physical activity of Han Chinese living in Beijing
G Wang, B Li, X Zhang, C Niu, J Li, L Li, JR Speakman
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 14, 1-10, 2017
Brown adipocytes can display a mammary basal myoepithelial cell phenotype in vivo
L Li, B Li, M Li, C Niu, G Wang, T Li, E Król, W Jin, JR Speakman
Molecular metabolism 6 (10), 1198-1211, 2017
Brown adipose tissue is the key depot for glucose clearance in microbiota depleted mice
M Li, L Li, B Li, C Hambly, G Wang, Y Wu, Z Jin, A Wang, C Niu, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4725, 2021
Limits to sustained energy intake XXV: milk energy output and thermogenesis in Swiss mice lactating at thermoneutrality
ZJ Zhao, L Li, DB Yang, QS Chi, C Hambly, JR Speakman
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 31626, 2016
Comparative transcriptomic analyses of developing melanocortin neurons reveal new regulators for the anorexigenic neuron identity
X Chen, SC Wyler, L Li, AG Arnold, R Wan, L Jia, MA Landy, HC Lai, P Xu, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 40 (16), 3165-3177, 2020
The atypical antipsychotic risperidone targets hypothalamic melanocortin 4 receptors to cause weight gain
L Li, ES Yoo, X Li, SC Wyler, X Chen, R Wan, AG Arnold, SG Birnbaum, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 218 (7), e20202484, 2021
Calorie restriction and calorie dilution have different impacts on body fat, metabolism, behavior, and hypothalamic gene expression
X Liu, Z Jin, S Summers, D Derous, M Li, B Li, L Li, JR Speakman
Cell Reports 39 (7), 2022
Gαi/o-coupled Htr2c in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus antagonizes the anorectic effect of serotonin agents
ES Yoo, L Li, L Jia, CC Lord, CE Lee, SG Birnbaum, CR Vianna, ...
Cell reports 37 (7), 2021
A single nucleotide mutation in the dual-oxidase 2 (DUOX2) gene causes some of the panda's unique metabolic phenotypes
AM Rudolf, Q Wu, L Li, J Wang, Y Huang, J Togo, C Liechti, M Li, C Niu, ...
National Science Review 9 (2), nwab125, 2022
Limits to sustained energy intake. XXXI. Effect of graded levels of dietary fat on lactation performance in Swiss mice
Y Huang, JO Mendoza, C Hambly, B Li, Z Jin, L Li, M Madizi, S Hu, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 223 (10), jeb221911, 2020
Increased variation in body weight and food intake is related to increased dietary fat but not increased carbohydrate or protein in mice
Y Wu, S Hu, D Yang, L Li, B Li, L Wang, M Li, G Wang, J Li, Y Xu, X Zhang, ...
Frontiers in Nutrition 9, 835536, 2022
Effects of dietary macronutrients and body composition on glucose homeostasis in mice
S Hu, J Togo, L Wang, Y Wu, D Yang, Y Xu, L Li, B Li, M Li, J Li, G Wang, ...
National science review 8 (1), nwaa177, 2021
Delineating a serotonin 1B receptor circuit for appetite suppression in mice
L Li, SC Wyler, LA León-Mercado, B Xu, Y Oh, Swati, X Chen, R Wan, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 219 (8), e20212307, 2022
Effects of dietary macronutrients on the hepatic transcriptome and serum metabolome in mice
Y Wu, CL Green, G Wang, D Yang, L Li, B Li, L Wang, M Li, J Li, Y Xu, ...
Aging Cell 21 (4), e13585, 2022
Maternal High Fat Diet in Lactation Impacts Hypothalamic Neurogenesis and Neurotrophic Development, Leading to Later Life Susceptibility to Obesity in Male but Not Female Mice
Y Xu, D Yang, L Wang, E Król, M Mazidi, L Li, Y Huang, C Niu, X Liu, ...
Advanced Science 10 (35), 2305472, 2023
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